What is Cloud Computing and how does it work

What is Cloud Computing and how does it work

Cloud computing has received a lot of attention in the recent past. It is powering a variety of on-demand services, providing additional processing power and additional storage space. But what it is all about? Let’s find out.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a network of computers (servers) on which you can perform two kinds of tasks. First, you can use the computers as storage, to save your data – emails, photos, and documents, or even movies and songs. Google Drive is an example. The second task you can perform is use the processors of the computers on the ‘network’ or ‘cloud’ to run applications. One example is Google docs, which provides applications like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint which you can access just by logging into your account.

How does cloud computing work?

Cloud computing technology is composed of a network of computers, which shares their resources with each other. In other words, it can be defined as a type of internet-based computer that shares networks and services (hardware) servers (software) storage (hard-disks) documents (data) and applications (programs) with each other.

Cloud computing is an effective tool for work for both users and organizations, with lots of benefits which has grown massively thanks to hardware virtualization, service oriented architecture, and utility computing. The demand for cloud computing has exploded because of its ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness.

Why do people use cloud computing?

There are many advantages to cloud computing for both businessmen and individuals. The primary benefit is cost saving. The other benefits include:

  • Reduced operational costs, enabling economy of scale
  • Reliability, security, and ease of administration
  • Supports many devices, enabling better, quicker communication
  • Suits both small-scale and large-scale enterprises
  • Ability to add tools and new features, which everyone can use instantly

Cloud computing is considered as one of the simpler IT management systems.

Did you know?

Cloud computing has enormous benefits in fields like diagnostics and security where you needn’t be present for the system to work. When a system encounters an error, a technician can log-in remotely and repair it, and security systems with numerous sensors and cameras can be monitored online. One example here is the Sure Doorbell which can send alerts to mobile apps, stores footage on the cloud, and can even be controlled remotely.

What are the disadvantages of cloud computing?

Even though there are lots of advantages, there are some disadvantages to cloud computing too. Technical problems can have an adverse impact on an organization, and can even lead them to lost profits. Other potential issues include:

  • Need for constant power and internet connectivity
  • Security flaws which can potentially lead to data theft
  • Vendor lock-in, where one provider can no longer provide all the capabilities an organization needs – as it grows

What is Software as a Service?

Along with cloud computing, we often hear Software as a Service, which is also known as SaaS. This can simply be defined as the process, where applications are being delivered in the form of services that people are used to. End users are only concerned about the service that they are receiving at the end of the day. They don’t care about the underlying operating systems and hardware. They interact only with the app or web browser. Hence, Software as a Service has received a lot of attention in recent times.

Cloud computing and businesses

A number of businesses have been transformed due to cloud computing. In fact, most of the businesses prefer to go ahead with cloud computing because of the benefits that they can receive in the long run. Businesses are always looking for effective methods to save money. In such instances, cloud computing is in a position to assist them. That’s because the existing infrastructure expenses can effectively be reduced with cloud computing. For example, the cost associated with maintaining servers, upgrading RAM and storage, and keeping software up-to-date can all be mitigated.

Security of cloud computing

It is important to take a look at the security aspect associated with cloud computing. Businesses have a clear understanding about the security aspects of their in-house systems. As a result, they tend to compare the two options before going for cloud computing. You don’t need to worry too much about the security of cloud computing. In general, the security associated with it is extremely high. Dedicated engineers are usually assigned to monitor the security of such services. This is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of cloud computing among individuals and businesses in today’s world.

The final word

The technology behind cloud computing is evolving. As a result, people can expect better services in the long run. So it would be a good idea to stay updated with the latest trends and grab the latest offers when they are available.



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