Sure Bell

With Surebell, you can monitor your home from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Surebell features a wide-angle lens and a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from anywhere creating your virtual presence. Surebell is a smart doorbell for your smart home security.

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Create your virtual presence at your home using your smart phone and stay aware of any visitor at your home always.

Install device

Replace your existing doorbell with surebell. Use the same two wires from the wall. NO RE-WIRING REQUIRED

Configure internet

Configure the surebell in 3 simple guided steps in the app.

Use on app

Use your smart phone to see through your surebell. You get notification whenever someone is in front of your door.

Works with your phone

Our smart door bell works need to be con gured once with any of your smart phone or tablet. Once, connected, this gives you a convenience of interacting with your visitors any time, anywhere. Also, one door bell can be shared among family members to share the bene ts with multiple accounts.

Talk to the person on you door with your smart phone or have a look through your surebell any time anywhere. With surebell you can have a HD video call with your visitors. and you can create your virtual presence.

To make the process simple and easy, it is important to work and syncs with the devices that you use in your daily life, therefore we made this work with your home or office Wi-Fi system. This gives you more control and convenience. So, make Sûre Bell your security partner and live carefree.

Sync with your home WiFi router

Share and Connect with friends

Every Doorbell ring or motion is recorded to Door Bell and can be viewed or shared by you with any of your family, friends or neighbours. This gives you an unique control to get help in any unfavourable conditions or to share videos for fun on any of your social connects and seize those moments

Utter brilliance in design

Graceful and elegant, the seamless blending of premium body with metal frame are the mark of a sophisticated manufacturing process. The smooth texture of the Sure bell and that of metal combine to create an unforgettable impression on  you and your visitors. With multiple color options, you get to choose one which suits your surrounding.

Equipped with High Definition camera and 2 Watt Speaker, Sure Bell gives you a true sense of virtual presence at your home.

Small yet powerful


Smart recording

The Sûre Bell uses a Smart Motion Recording system that starts recording only when motion is detected.

Group calling

Every time someone rings the Sûre Bell, multiple users in the Sûre Bell group will receive noti cations

Smart Connect

Sûre Bell novel “peer to peer” technology features allows optimum usage of internet bandwidth hence reducing cost and improving latency and privacy concern.

Bandwidth optimisation

Sure Bell dynamically adapts to the “unpredictable” internet conditions of the devices, providing best video experience.

Night vision

No matter what time of the day it is, the Sûre Bell always maintains an inescapable watch over its surroundings.

Wide angle field of view

Sure Bell is incredibly powerful with an extensive field of vision. We promise, you won’t be missing a single thing.

Smart motion detection

Complimenting the Sure Bell’s incredible eld of vision, is its ability to detect motion and notify users.

Cloud and local storage<>

Sure comes with Cloud & Local Storage. This means that videos can be stored away easily in the cloud or locally

Fisheye correction

Sure Bell transforms and corrects the  videos taken from wideangle lens to give you a better experience.

Neighbourhood connect

Allows you to share important events with the authority and your neighbourhood, to make your vicinity a safer place.

Battery support

Surebell is powered with battery so you feel safe even when there is no power.

Connect to emergency services<>

Sûre Cloud’s “Personal Emergency Reporting systems” with smart analytic allows the user to be connected to emergency services at right time.

The Sûre Bell is a new-age home security system that sends footage right to your smartphone through a WIFI internet connection. It can sit right at your door entrance, working as a security camera that sees all and sends it right to you. It can also function as a door bell, alerting you when someone arrives.

Packed with a range of features, The Sûre Bell is the interactive future of home security. No longer is security a complicated and cumbersome process. It’s simple, easy to set up and above all it is right in your hands. Get con dent about home security. Get Sûre.

Our Story

Sense your surrounding

Sure Bell is a revolutionary security solution developed for the safety of you and your family. It uses smart sensors optics and intelligent software  to ensure that you are alerted to any activity around your door round the clock. Also allows you to visually communicate with strangers, even when you are away.

Interact and analyse

Any member of your household can take a look  from anywhere at anytime. We use smart technology to optimise bandwidth for call connectivity and reduce storage required by detecting and recording only instances of motion outside your door.

React to the situation

With a diligent approach to giving you detailed awareness of the premises, you are able to prepare yourself for any kind of security concern. You can add a group to include your entire neighbourhood and also make Sure Bell your first line of defense by using contact emergency service at the click of a button.

Seemlessly connect all devices

With Sure Bell, you can monitor your home from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Sure Bell features a wide-angle lens and a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from anywhere..

Take care of loved ones

Sure Bell's customizable motion sensors let you focus-in on the most important areas of your home. You’ll get instant alerts as soon as Sure Bell detects motion, so you’ll always be the first to know when anyone steps foot on your property.

Create your virtual presence

The free Sure app lets you control your devices and review your videos in one simple dashboard. You can share them with your friends, family and nearby  users, so your entire community can stay informed on local crime.