We are Sûre

Sûre was incepted with a dream to change the face of security forever. In a world with growing security concerns, we have taken up the duty to make the world a safer place. These are the very belief that led to the development of the Sure Bell. A security device with an endless list of features built to cater to your every safety need.

Sense your surrounding

Sure Bell is a revolutionary security solution developed for the safety of you and your family. It uses smart sensors, optics and intelligent software to ensure that you are alerted of any activity around your door, round the clock. It also allows you to visually communicate with strangers, even when you’re away.

Interact and analyse

Any member of your household can talk to visitors from anywhere and at anytime. We use smart technology to optimise bandwidth for call connectivity and reduce storage required by detecting and recording only instances of motion outside your door.

React to situation

With a diligent approach to giving you detailed awareness of
the premises, users are able to prepare themselves for any kind of security concern. You can add a group to include your entire neighbourhood and also make Sure Bell your rst line of defence by using it to contact emergency services at the click of a button.

Our Inspiration

At the very core of who we are is a commitment to creating excellent products that deliver quality and utility, performance and last but not least, unfailing service. While doing so, we hope to build strong customer relationships that are not only personal, but also interactive. A bond with Sûre is one that is made to last forever. We are with you every step of the way.

While you are out, your loved ones at home are vulnerable. Our devices help you by alerting of any situation and allows you to take control of the situation at convenience of your mobile device.

Existing home security devices act as monitoring devices, with the sole idea of recording data which used later for reference. Now we provide a shift from recording to reacting , leveraging machine learning for analyzing the situation and allowing you to react early.

Create your virtual presence at home

Seemlessly connects all your devices

Taking care of your loved ones

Solving the complexity

The virtual presence created by our tools gives you a sense of assurity. Also we help user to “pre-act” or “pre-empt” thus averting a situation. Our devices can be useful for nuclear families, busy executives, people with diverse work schedules. You can also create social hub with near and dear ones.


Intelligence to sense the environment and notify the user


Awareness of the surrounding


Ablity to react to the situation

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Sure Cloud

Our cloud infrastructure

The Sûre Cloud is perhaps one of the most powerful communication systems out there. Having said that, the device allows for interaction between everyone that is part of the Sûre Cloud interface. These are groups that can you create and have interactive video conferences with. This allows every member of a family to stay connected and have a keen awareness of the events that occur on a daily basis. On a more technical note, the device is a power house of interesting abilities such as peer- to-peer calling, targeted video analysis, and internet bandwidth management among other things.

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