This is an incredible story from Australia. One day, a cartoonist returned home to find a robber running through his home looking for stuff to steal. Instead of either confronting the burglar or calling the cops, the artist picked up his drawing pad and drew a sketch of the robber. Then he made sure he was safe, and called the police. The police recognised the robber from the sketch and he was soon caught.

Although this story is incredible, it illustrates an interesting face about crimes. A simple image of a person can go a long way in preventing a crime, or catching a criminal after the fact. That is why cameras have become an integral part of every security system.

So if you are thinking of securing your home, here are the three most basic things you need to cover:

  1. Get a camera-based security system like Sure Bell
  2. Let the security system be the first one any robber encounters. Put it up in front of your home
  3. Make sure you can receive alerts remotely, and control it securely

An excellent system that is simple to install and use is Sure bell. A smart doorbell which looks innocuous. Burglars don’t even realize that it has a camera. But when they approach the door, it will alert you on your phone, and stream live video. It can even record at night, in total darkness. That is what makes it an imperative for every home.

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