Around 7.5 million home owners have getaway homes. These are homes that take them away from the bustle of the city life and bring them much needed peace and tranquillity. While all of us do everything in our power to secure the homes in which we stay, it’s important that we realise that our vacation homes need the love and security as well.  While it’s hard to get to know what’s going on around these homes of ours, we give you a few tips to really boost their security up a notch.

Let the Local Police Know

Giving your local police the news about your vacation home is the first step towards security. Whenever they conduct regular patrols, they can also check on your beloved property. Should there be a mishap, they can investigate and inform you. Do let them know of your arrival and departure periods.

Always make it look like someone is home

Using simple psychology can be beneficial to protecting your home. Frequent visits to fix up your home can go a long way in keeping burglars away. Also, hire someone to trim your lawn, rake leaves and clean out your swimming pool. A neat and tidy home setting is a marker of your regular presence in your property. This can go a long way in deterring a potential burglar.

Furthermore, home automation system can be an incredible addition to your safety endeavours. Timed lights and smart locks are the most common and useful forms of home automation technology. Use them to secure your household and rest easy with the knowledge that your home is safe.

Fit Your Vacation home with a Home Security System

There’s nothing like the comfort of knowing everything’s well in your absence. Installing a home security system will allow you to achieve just that. Motion sensors, smart notifications, and night vision are gifts of modern technology that have really set the standard when it comes to protecting your home. Furthermore, alarm systems can scare off any potential burglars before they even get to the deed.

A little bit of time and patience with securing your home will definitely contribute to the protection of your property and valuables. Get it done, and have happy holidays – every time!