At a time when security technology becomes more and more sophisticated every day, there is little doubt that thieves are doing whatever it takes to step up their game too. Not only do they thoroughly ‘stake-out’ targets before breaking in, but they are also enhancing their skills to be more ‘professional’ burglars.

But let us find out from the burglars who got caught, what they did right, and what they did wrong, and how we can use it against them – to stay secure:

Make it look less hospitable

When a burglar scouts a home, the very first thing he/she looks at is how well-lit the surroundings are. Darker compounds and alley-ways make for better hiding spots which burglars can take advantage of. Ensuring that there are lights all around your home is the very first step towards a safer home. Also, now technology allow for lights to be integrated with motion sensors. You should really consider getting them.

Having gravel pathways instead of a lawn can also deter burglars as walking on pebbles causes far too much noise.

Clear the Way

We like to get creative with our gardens and homes, with intricate bush gardens or high hedges. But did you know that overgrown trees and bushes are the perfect vantage point for burglars? Having them near your windows and doors can be counterproductive to your safety goals. Always ensure that the trees, bush gardens and shrubs around your home are well-maintained, and do not become blind-spots or hiding holes.

Lock things up

Keeping the doors and windows locked up might seem like the most obvious thing to. But more often than not, they are the things we fail to pay attention to. Leaving spare keys under mats or pots is the very first security no-no. Also, reinforcing doors and windows with wooden or metal dowels will ensure that a burglar cannot break in to your home.

Raise the bar

With burglars really committing to getting better at what they do, why shouldn’t you get better at defending against it? Installing a professional home security system is your best bet when it comes to safe guarding your home. Among a host of other benefits, being connected to your household 24/7 is a blessing. Burglars will simply not want to take the risk of breaking into a home that is secured with a smart security system.

Let’s stay sharp and secure, shall we?