Keeping your home secure is not easy. But it can be. All you need to do is invest in a simple system and follow some simple habits that can keep you safe. Let us cover the bare essentials, shall we?

First, the monitoring system

A video-camera based security system is a must for every home nowadays. It may not cover every side of the home, but it will cover the front door, which is the most vulnerable point. Side windows, back doors, and upper floors are usually less attractive to burglars as they need a quick escape route in case something goes wrong.

That’s why a simple system like the Sure doorbell is perfect for the front door.

Second, the habits you need to build around your home2

Here we cover three simple incidents that can have disastrous consequences.

  1. You left something in my car.

This is a common one. You park your car or even a two-wheeler on the street and walk inside. Two minutes later, you leave the door open and walk to your car or bike to retrieve something you forgot. This is when a burglar can simply walk into your home when your back is turned.

The solution? Get a lock on your door that automatically snaps into place when it closes, and always keep the door keys on you. A simple video camera-doorbell can also discourage burglars from trying this.

  1. Post your plans on social media.

This seems the ‘in’ thing to do: show off that you are planning that dream holiday. You may even discuss plans with friends and family on Facebook. Don’t do it. Keep your plans private and photos and documents safe. If you absolutely need to, use an encrypted and secure service like WhatsApp or iMessage to talk to trusted people.

  1. Leave children alone and step out.

Your children might be responsible, but they are children. They can easily be tempted by strangers. They are also eager to show off that they can do something that you have forbidden, like opening the door to strangers. So don’t leave your child unattended. If you have to, make sure you have a lock that cannot be opened from the inside. This might be a security grill with an old-fashioned lock for which you have the only key.

Keep it simple. Stay alert, stay safe.