If there is one technological invention or idea that is changing the world faster than you can say Bangalore, it has to be the “Internet of Things”. It might seem funny but future generations may not need to touch a light switch or hold a board to play a board game. The number of young children who use a smart device continues to grow on a daily basis. Here we analyse how these trends will influence the children of our generation…

Impact on Education

IoT has fully transformed the way students absorb and process information. The use of digital media continues to grow in popularity and the following technologies are altering learning experiences:

  1. Mobile applications
  2. Educational video games
  3. Digital presentations
  4. Search engines
  5. Smart boards

While some educators are yet to accept IoT’s influence on students, many believe that such tools are helping learners become more creative and better engaged.

Impact on Entertainment

Gone are the days when children played with toys and ran around the neighbourhood chasing footballs. Most kids now are hooked to smart devices that provide them with extensive stimulation and engagement. If used correctly, with appropriate supervision, such an engagement can actually prove beneficial to the child. There are many educational apps that integrate learning and play. An excellent example is apps that teaches math through engaging puzzles and games.

Impact on Daily Life

There is little doubt that today’s children are growing up in smarter, safer homes. Correct usage can help kids navigate their homes and also aid in protecting them. Some technologies already influence and work with children. They are:

Smart devices: Apps and remote access allow you to keep a watch on your children through integrated devices.

Smart lights: Kids can instantly light up rooms through voice or motion. This eliminates the possibility of them tripping over when trying to find the light switch.

But that said, parents must educate their children on how to use these devices responsibly. This can be achieved by employing the following steps:

  1. Limiting time spend with IoT devices
  2. Educating children on safe usage and tracking their online activity
  3. Setting and enforcing boundaries and rules

Are you doing it all for your kids? Spend a little time, and do it right!