Real life inspires fiction, and vice versa. The proof? Two daring robberies at gunpoint at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, which was the setting of the movie ‘Oceans Eleven’. The first robbery occurred in December 2010, when a young man charged into the casino and scooped up 1.5 million in chips. He was in prison eight months later.

The next one has come now, when a man with a wig, sunglasses and a gun walked into the Bellagio on 28th November 2017, cleaned out the cage, and escaped in a car. But you can rest assured, he will be caught.

That is because the hotel has excellent video surveillance. Even though the robber’s face is unrecognisable, his height, build, car number plate and other details can help the police track and catch him. There are even tools that the police can use to get a good idea of a robber’s face, even with wigs, sunglasses and disguises.

Technology is starting to make a huge difference in the field of security. This is also true in a place like India, which is seeing a gradual change in people’s mindsets, as they explore and adopt newer security measures for both public and private places. Public and commercial establishments find it easier to adopt newer technology thanks to the large-scale investment they can commit to security.

But that does not mean house owners have to feel left out. Technologies like video-enabled smart doorbells are making a huge difference. They are capable of seeing in the dark (night vision) record only when someone approaches (proximity sensor) and alert you on you mobile, wherever you go (thanks to wi-fi and mobile connectivity)

These are simple tools for everyone, and you can stay Secure With Sure – which has it all.