Today, the Internet of Things is a global phenomenon and has sparked almost every intellectual’s interest. With the capacity to forever change the world, the most positive implication of the idea has been its capacity to fortify home security. Couple that with home automation and we get a security system that is nearly impenetrable.

Home automation is far more than just smart coffee makers or music systems that shuffle music as you walk in and out of the rooms in your home. Remote apps, motion alerts and live video streaming of your home makes this wave of technology one to be reckoned with. What’s more? You can access all of this no matter where you are. That’s quite the game changer isn’t it?

Let’s move ahead and talk about how you can bring home this powerful combination to make your home a fortress.

Install a Smart Bell

While a full-fledged security system is the first thing that comes to mind, often, guarding key locations like entry points to your home are more than sufficient. Motion detection and instant notification are the hallmarks of any potent security device. Smart Doorbells like Pioctave Solution’s Sure Bell employ them seamlessly in a system that has little to no negatives. Furthermore, night-vision and all-weather capabilities make them even more attractive.

Awareness is key to protecting your home. And the Sure Bell’s best feature is just that. Smart notifications that are instant and 2-way communication gateways are sure to make these kinds of products the next big thing.

Deploy a Smart Lock

Your heart does skip a beat when you remember that you’ve left your doors unlocked right? Say goodbye to those worries with smart locks. A simple keypad or a biometric finger print scanner are among the most common forms of smart locks. The positive lies in the lock’s ability to securely lock by itself in case you forget. A remote app allows you to signal the lock no matter where you are. Furthermore, you are instantly notified when someone enters or leaves your home. A good way to keep a watch on the kids, yes?

Get a Smart Garage Door Opener

Rising reports of burglars breaking in through garage spaces have left everyone wondering what to do. As a useful hiding spot, garages are an easy target for burglars. What’s worse is that more than half of us leave our garage doors open and fail to pay it any attention. Smart garage openers function just like smart door locks. You can close and open them no matter where you are.

Explore these options and make your home a safer place for all your loved ones.