What do I do when my Sure Bell gets stolen?

The device cannot be tampered with very easily since there are about 6 screws attached during installation. The only way to remove the product is by means of breaking it, which then renders the device unusable. Besides, any kind of motion in front of the camera is detected, recorded and goes on to send an instant notification. Thereby helping you identify the culprit. All that said, we are working on a theft protection plan where upon providing us with an FIR on the theft, we’ll give you a free replacement.

Are there any additional costs involved after I purchase my Sure Bell?

Once purchased, there are no additional charges to be fulfilled for the daily functioning of your Sure Bell. However, we do offer the services of the Sure Cloud where recorded data may be saved. This is chargeable with a monthly or a yearly subscription fee. Without this service, you’ll still be able to maintain 2-way communication with those at your doorstep and receive notifications. But if it so happens that you miss an event, you lose the ability to review it since the data is not saved.

What are the necessary requirements to run the Sure Bell?

The Sure Bell requires a Wi-Fi and an internet connection so that all of its features may be functional. Also, the device has an inbuilt battery but you can choose to connect it to your power supply cable and run it accordingly.