The Anti-burglar Guide – Do these things, and your home will never be broken into again!

The Anti-burglar Guide – Do these things, and your home will never be broken into again!

Burglary and theft. We always seem to take it far too lightly – until it happens to us or our loved ones.

“What’s the worst that could happen right?” is the WRONG attitude.

Adopting the right mindset is the key and there are a lot of things you can do about it – reduce your anxiety, and the risk of theft and burglary. We have put together the most important guidelines here, just for you.

If he can’t see it, he can’t want it!

Window shopping isn’t only for the ladies. It is also common with burglars. If a burglar can see what you have, he will try to steal it.

But no burglar wants to go through the trouble of breaking into a home only to realise that there is nothing worth stealing. So what do you do? DO NOT leave your home on display. Art pieces, expensive furnishings, priced jewels are all strict no-nos. Always ensure that nobody can just stand on the street and find out what’s inside your house, by looking in the windows.

I’m watching you, always!

Burglars put a lot effort into observing the place they want to break into. It is called ‘staking out the hit’ They look for the following –

  • Movement inside the home or backyard
  • Presence of dogs
  • Side doors or back doors
  • Neighbours and their servants
  • Alarm systems
  • Patrolling police or security guards
  • Auto and taxi stands where there are idle observers
  • People in hotels and shops who may know you and your home

Always remember that your front door shouldn’t be the only secure entrance to your home. Every entrance should be secure.

Make him work for it

Stealing something needs a little determination. It’s your job to break that determination by making burglars really work for it. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Get a dog. Even a small one will do. No burglar wants a dog to catch his scent, or god forbid make it start barking and biting!
  2. Invest in a safe. Keep all your valuables in it. Don’t make it too easy for whoever manages to break in.
  3. Draw the curtains / blinds when it’s bright. Window shopping is only possible when sunlight can stream into the rooms. Nobody can see into a darker room.
  4. Install home a security system and make the burglar hesitate even before he reaches the door.
  5. Don’t let strangers in. Seriously, make sure you’re fully confident of who you let into your home even when you are right there. Scams are all too common.

Last but not the least, knowledge is power only when you use it. So please use it, and Stay Secure with Sure.

The ‘Internet of Things’ and how it Interacts with your Children

The ‘Internet of Things’ and how it Interacts with your Children

If there is one technological invention or idea that is changing the world faster than you can say Bangalore, it has to be the “Internet of Things”. It might seem funny but future generations may not need to touch a light switch or hold a board to play a board game. The number of young children who use a smart device continues to grow on a daily basis. Here we analyse how these trends will influence the children of our generation…

Impact on Education

IoT has fully transformed the way students absorb and process information. The use of digital media continues to grow in popularity and the following technologies are altering learning experiences:

  1. Mobile applications
  2. Educational video games
  3. Digital presentations
  4. Search engines
  5. Smart boards

While some educators are yet to accept IoT’s influence on students, many believe that such tools are helping learners become more creative and better engaged.

Impact on Entertainment

Gone are the days when children played with toys and ran around the neighbourhood chasing footballs. Most kids now are hooked to smart devices that provide them with extensive stimulation and engagement. If used correctly, with appropriate supervision, such an engagement can actually prove beneficial to the child. There are many educational apps that integrate learning and play. An excellent example is apps that teaches math through engaging puzzles and games.

Impact on Daily Life

There is little doubt that today’s children are growing up in smarter, safer homes. Correct usage can help kids navigate their homes and also aid in protecting them. Some technologies already influence and work with children. They are:

Smart devices: Apps and remote access allow you to keep a watch on your children through integrated devices.

Smart lights: Kids can instantly light up rooms through voice or motion. This eliminates the possibility of them tripping over when trying to find the light switch.

But that said, parents must educate their children on how to use these devices responsibly. This can be achieved by employing the following steps:

  1. Limiting time spend with IoT devices
  2. Educating children on safe usage and tracking their online activity
  3. Setting and enforcing boundaries and rules

Are you doing it all for your kids? Spend a little time, and do it right!

Home Automation and IOT for Security – How you can use them to secure your home

Home Automation and IOT for Security – How you can use them to secure your home

Today, the Internet of Things is a global phenomenon and has sparked almost every intellectual’s interest. With the capacity to forever change the world, the most positive implication of the idea has been its capacity to fortify home security. Couple that with home automation and we get a security system that is nearly impenetrable.

Home automation is far more than just smart coffee makers or music systems that shuffle music as you walk in and out of the rooms in your home. Remote apps, motion alerts and live video streaming of your home makes this wave of technology one to be reckoned with. What’s more? You can access all of this no matter where you are. That’s quite the game changer isn’t it?

Let’s move ahead and talk about how you can bring home this powerful combination to make your home a fortress.

Install a Smart Bell

While a full-fledged security system is the first thing that comes to mind, often, guarding key locations like entry points to your home are more than sufficient. Motion detection and instant notification are the hallmarks of any potent security device. Smart Doorbells like Pioctave Solution’s Sure Bell employ them seamlessly in a system that has little to no negatives. Furthermore, night-vision and all-weather capabilities make them even more attractive.

Awareness is key to protecting your home. And the Sure Bell’s best feature is just that. Smart notifications that are instant and 2-way communication gateways are sure to make these kinds of products the next big thing.

Deploy a Smart Lock

Your heart does skip a beat when you remember that you’ve left your doors unlocked right? Say goodbye to those worries with smart locks. A simple keypad or a biometric finger print scanner are among the most common forms of smart locks. The positive lies in the lock’s ability to securely lock by itself in case you forget. A remote app allows you to signal the lock no matter where you are. Furthermore, you are instantly notified when someone enters or leaves your home. A good way to keep a watch on the kids, yes?

Get a Smart Garage Door Opener

Rising reports of burglars breaking in through garage spaces have left everyone wondering what to do. As a useful hiding spot, garages are an easy target for burglars. What’s worse is that more than half of us leave our garage doors open and fail to pay it any attention. Smart garage openers function just like smart door locks. You can close and open them no matter where you are.

Explore these options and make your home a safer place for all your loved ones.

Home Automation – The Next Big Thing in the Home Security Market

Home Automation – The Next Big Thing in the Home Security Market

The pinnacle of the modern era’s home security technology seems to revolve around devices that allow integration to our personal devices. So no matter where we are in the world, home automation allow devices to be controlled at the touch of a button.  Be it lights, appliances, electrical outlets, heating and cooling systems are all connected to a controllable network. When we think of home security, these may include your alarm systems, door and window locks smoke detectors, and surveillance cameras. This article shall give you an insight into home automation:-

Developments in Home Automation

For the longest time now, home automation has been available to larger commercial buildings or expensive homes.  Moreover, basic control, monitoring and scheduling functions were among the only things they offered.

We’ve all heard of the term “Internet of Things”, and home automation is a step towards just that. Smart devices are now able to track appliances and devices while connected to a network.  The list of things that can be connected and accessed through the internet continues to grow every single day.

The Main Components of Home Automation

Automation and Remote Control are the two primary components of home automation. Through automation, you can program and schedule events for devices on a network. An example would be to program your lights into turning off and on at specific times every single day. The system allows for unscheduled events as well, wherein your lights would turn on by themselves in case your security alarm triggers.

The rise of smart technology has allowed for some phenomenal advances in remote monitoring and access. No matter where you are, apps on your smart device allow you to check your home’s security, lighting, door locks among other things. You can even program your devices to notify in case a member of your household comes in contact with it. A useful application for the same would be to program your locks to send notifications to your smart device, making it easier for you to know whenever your child reaches home safe and sound.

The most important thing that home automation does for any household would be its ability to help you save energy. Keeping tabs on your lighting, thermostats and other energy consuming appliances will allow you to conserve energy and save money on the same. Not only do you end up saving the planet, but you end up protecting your budget.


The Top 3 Benefits of Having A Doorbell Security Camera

The Top 3 Benefits of Having A Doorbell Security Camera

If there is one product causing storms in the home security market, then it would be the doorbell security camera. Packed with a host of features that are revolutionizing security altogether, these devices are an absolute must-have because of the fortitude they offer your home. Here, we talk about some of their benefits:

Deter and Catch Burglars

Doorbell Security Cameras will, without a hint of doubt, deter theft and potential burglars. Just having one in place can scare off intruders. Moreover, their interactive interface can help you identify and notify you about any individual that enters the premises of your home. Detailed, high-resolution pictures and video go a long way in aiding law enforcement should an incident occur.

Incidences that occur during your absence leave us with an obvious shade of doubt. Doorbell cameras eliminate this problem by allowing you to receive live feedback of your premises. The ability to detect motion and cloud connectivity also enhances the merits of bringing home this valuable device.

24/7 Security and Control

The capacities of a Doorbell Security Camera extend far beyond just damage control. In the event that you are out of home, neighbours or family can connect with you through your doorbell. Cloud connectivity along with an app that is installed on your device of your choice, allow for video and audio calls, no matter where you are.

Another important point to consider is that doorbell cameras are powerful and are capable of night vision. So if you have a neighbourhood crook causing trouble at night, you can now identify him/her and put them behind bars.

Increased Home Value

The most surprising of all the benefits mentioned here. Research shows that people are more likely to buy a home that has a security system in place. What doorbell security does is give off an impression of a smart home. In a world where anything that assimilates smart technology is popular amongst the masses, these devices can generate greater market value for your home.

What are you waiting for? Explore the world of home security today!

Easy tip: The best place to start is right here, with Sure.

Not all neighbours will be so aware!

Not all neighbours will be so aware!

Tamil Nadu police have arrested a group of students as they were in the process of burgling a house. The neighbours grew suspicious when they heard sounds from a house where they knew the tenants were out of town. The police rushed to the house and caught the burglars red handed.

Not everybody is that alert. Many times, burglars get away with robbing houses when you are out of town. But there is an easy fix: Simple home security systems. As technology becomes ever more advanced, and affordable, you can easily turn to systems like alarms, cameras, and even smart bells to keep you home safe.

Here are three simple steps you can take to keep your home safe:

  1. Get a security system like a smart bell or a surveillance camera, which can alert you wherever you go – using mobile or wi-fi connections
  2. Get to know your neighbours, and ask them to alert you if they see anything when you are out
  3. Studies have shown that if you put up a board that warns burglars of security cameras, they will leave the house alone. Do it.

Read the full news report here:

If you are ready to step into the future of home security, start exploring the amazing features of the Sure Smart Doorbell now. It comes with a super wide-angle camera, day-and-night photo and video capability, and custom alerts through a dedicated mobile app.