A robber who smashed into a store in Burlington in Vermont has been caught thanks to the incredible quality of the video surveillance footage.


After the store was locked up for the weekend, the burglar smashed his way in with a cement block and ransacked the place, cleaning out the cash and valuables. He then left the place open, which someone reported to the police. But what turned out to be unlucky for the man was that the store had excellent video cameras which captured his every move. The police actually heaped praise on the security system that played a crucial role the in investigation.

Police chief Trevor Whipple said “It is incredibly valuable and… as technology improves, not only do we get better quality video but it’s also less expensive.”

Although this story is from the US, the same is true for India too. As surveillance technology becomes less expensive, and features are upgrades constantly, catching the bad guys and keeping your home safe becomes easier.

Some of the best features you should insist on, are found on most modern systems. They include:

  • Night-and-day vision
  • Smart recording and archiving
  • Great quality of videos and photos
  • Near-180-degree coverage
  • Connection to mobiles for instant alerts
  • Wi-fi controls and smart management
  • Proximity sensors that record only when required
  • Simple and unobtrusive installation

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