Burglaries have become all too common. What makes it easy is the fact that valuable objects that are easy to boost are all too common. Here is a list of the most valuable things in your home and how you can secure them.

Bicycles: You might be a huge riding enthusiast, so obviously you pay a fortune for a very good ride. Keep it safe. Invest in a good strong padlock or tuck it inside your garage when you are not using it.

Cash: It’s the most obvious target, but also the most commonly ignored. Always keep your cash in locked drawers or safes. Loss of liquid money is the last thing that should happen to you.

Electronic devices: The most common form of theft these days. Electronic devices are not only valuable, but extremely portable. Ensure that you hide your chargers, USB cables and other essentials to discourage a burglar from stealing them.

Firearms: Possession of firearms is a rare case. But if they get into the wrong hands, you not only enhance the potential for crime in your home, but a stolen firearm could be used in your neighbourhood as well. Save yourself the trouble and invest in a home security system rather than depending on a firearm to safeguard your home.

Jewellery: Every burglar’s dream come true is finding jewellery lying around. They are almost impossible to track, once you lose them. Small packages which are worth a lot must always be secured in a safe, even when it is inside the house.

A few tips to protect your valuables

  1. Install surveillance cameras in rooms that have high value items. This will help you identify a burglar in case your house in broken into
  2. Install smart locks that help you track who, when and where anyone enters and exits your home
  3. Ensure that the tracking capabilities of your digital devices are always turned on. Then you can easily render them useless in the hands of a burglar. It might even help the police track and catch the culprit