Burglary and theft. We always seem to take it far too lightly – until it happens to us or our loved ones.

“What’s the worst that could happen right?” is the WRONG attitude.

Adopting the right mindset is the key and there are a lot of things you can do about it – reduce your anxiety, and the risk of theft and burglary. We have put together the most important guidelines here, just for you.

If he can’t see it, he can’t want it!

Window shopping isn’t only for the ladies. It is also common with burglars. If a burglar can see what you have, he will try to steal it.

But no burglar wants to go through the trouble of breaking into a home only to realise that there is nothing worth stealing. So what do you do? DO NOT leave your home on display. Art pieces, expensive furnishings, priced jewels are all strict no-nos. Always ensure that nobody can just stand on the street and find out what’s inside your house, by looking in the windows.

I’m watching you, always!

Burglars put a lot effort into observing the place they want to break into. It is called ‘staking out the hit’ They look for the following –

  • Movement inside the home or backyard
  • Presence of dogs
  • Side doors or back doors
  • Neighbours and their servants
  • Alarm systems
  • Patrolling police or security guards
  • Auto and taxi stands where there are idle observers
  • People in hotels and shops who may know you and your home

Always remember that your front door shouldn’t be the only secure entrance to your home. Every entrance should be secure.

Make him work for it

Stealing something needs a little determination. It’s your job to break that determination by making burglars really work for it. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Get a dog. Even a small one will do. No burglar wants a dog to catch his scent, or god forbid make it start barking and biting!
  2. Invest in a safe. Keep all your valuables in it. Don’t make it too easy for whoever manages to break in.
  3. Draw the curtains / blinds when it’s bright. Window shopping is only possible when sunlight can stream into the rooms. Nobody can see into a darker room.
  4. Install home a security system and make the burglar hesitate even before he reaches the door.
  5. Don’t let strangers in. Seriously, make sure you’re fully confident of who you let into your home even when you are right there. Scams are all too common.

Last but not the least, knowledge is power only when you use it. So please use it, and Stay Secure with Sure.