Burglars have been cause for concern ever since people built the first homes. These days however, with rising awareness on how to protect homes, burglaries seem to have taken a downward turn. That said, the situation is little cause for comfort as research suggests that a burglary happens almost every 20 seconds. To protect ourselves against it, the best possible approach is to gain the knowledge and expertise required to deter robbers.

After extensive and thorough research on home security, we have gathered here the most important things home owners have learnt from burglaries:

Familiarize yourself with local crime trends

Having a keen awareness of crime trends in your locality and surrounding areas will be your first line of defence against burglars. Not only will this allow you to choose a home in the right area, but it will also help you keep track of burglars and their movements. If it so happens that homes in your locality are being robbed very often, you can then take the necessary security measures to prevent your home from being broken into. Do make sure that you read the newspaper and discuss with your neighbours about safety and security on a regular basis. Being there for one another is a positive step for everyone in your neighbourhood.

Secure the surroundings of your home

Many of us don’t know that burglars observe the homes closely that they plan to break in to. So leaving bushes untrimmed or leaving garden implements and newspapers lying around clearly tells the burglars that you are away and even helps them gain easy access into your home. Storing these away in a safe location and ensuring that the perimeter of your home is devoid of any hiding spots is a great first step.

While we’ve all heard of motion sensor technology making, little do we understand that it is a boon to home security. Installing devices around your home that detect motion and alert you can serve as your second line of defence against burglars.

Install smart locks instead of traditional ones

All of us are scared that our personal data will be compromised if we forget our phones, and leave it unlocked. But little do we realize that even if we forget to lock our doors once, it can have disastrous consequences. Modern technology, however offers us smart locks that are extremely convenient in exactly such situations. These devices automatically lock your door as you leave, but can allow access to guests even when you’re away if you authorise it! They also keep track of who enters and leaves your home, and offer a plethora of other benefits.

Install A Doorbell Camera or Home Security Cameras

Last but most important, is installing a doorbell camera or other kinds of home security cameras. Having one of these will make burglars think twice before even showing their face near your home. The risks of dealing with a smart home security system that encompasses openness, smart locks, and smart cameras together are far too great for any burglar. Moreover, even if someone manages to break in, footage recorded by your security device can definitely aid law enforcement.

Get started today. You don’t have to invest in everything all at once, but build layer after layer, making your home more and more secure.